Thank you for your interest in the github actvitity of the M. Shanken Communications web and applications development team.

If you have found your way here chances are you have some relation to M. Shanken Communications and/or the technology group of our company. What you are looking at right now is an experiment in using Jekyll, Markdown, Github, and a random number of other tools as core elements of a future publishing workflow.

You can think of this as something of a test-bed. Or maybe a guinea pig. Or perhaps a canary in a coal mine. Or maybe it’s simply a way for the tech group to get in front of innovation and invite the free flow of ideas that innovation in the twenty-first century demands. In any event it is our hope that as we mature as a development team these pages will mature as a representation of our approach to code and the technology that fuels digital publishing operations.

We’re extremely interested in the intersection of publishing workflows and open source software (both using and creating it). While we have traditionally run a pretty simple LAMP stack we understand that technology is in a state of constant flux. That’s why we like to get our hands dirty with all sorts of new stuff.

So if you happen to be a software developer then I invite you to drop us a line, hang out, think with us, hit our join page and see what specific roles we’re looking to fill today. Or hit our repo page and take a look through the repos we’ve opened up to date. Honestly there isn’t much there right now, but we’re working hard to improve that situation. Maybe you can help?